Женский турнир в Грузии: Лопота

Результаты 10 тура. Цзюй Вэньцзюнь – Музычук 1-0, Чжао Сюэ – Даниелян 0-1, Конеру – Муминова 1-0, Хоу Ифань – Костенюк, Дзагнидзе – Харика, Стефанова – Хотенашвили ничьи.
Положение после 10 туров. 1. Хоу Ифань – 8,5; 2. Цзюй Вэньцзюнь – 7; 3. Даниелян – 6,5; 4. Дзагнидзе – 6; 5-7. Харика, Стефанова, Конеру – по 5,5; 8. Музычук – 5; 9. Костенюк – 4,5; 10. Чжао Сюэ – 2,5; 11. Хотенашвили – 2; 12. Муминова – 1,5.

Anna Muzychuk — Hou Yifan 0-1

As the tournament progresses, an increasing amount of ‘accidents’ happen.


Including clock malfunctioning; but the chief arbiter KK Chan has everything under control

Today Anna Muzychuk had an off-day when she faced Hou Yifan. She didn’t achieve what she was looking for out of the opening, a Sicilian, and, in an attempt to stabilize the position, she exchanged queens on move 15:


15.Qg5 which strongly met with 15…Qxg5 16.Bxg5 h6 17.Bd2  a4! and White’s queenside is falling apart. Anna was unable to come back in the game and after 18.Bd1 Nd4 19.Nc7 the strong exchange sacrificed:

19…axb3! quickly decided matters.


With two rounds to go Hou Yifan is assured of at least a shared tournament victory!

Elina Danielian — Humpy Koneru 1-0


Elina Danielian had gotten a nice edge out of the opening against Humpy Koneru
but gradually Humpy had stabilized her position.

In the diagrammed position:


Black’s activity and the potential weakness of the a4-pawn, should give adequate compensation for the isolated d5-pawn. Elina decided to expell the e4-knight with 30.f3 but this natural move fails to 30…Qd2! with big threats on e3 and f2. The game proceeded
31.Nc2 Ng3 (31…Nc3 was indicated by Humpy in the press conference, and this looks very strong indeed) 32.Nde1 Bf5 33.Bd3 Be6 34.Qb2 Nd7 35.Qd4


Despite time-trouble, the worst looks over for White. In fact there is the small threat of Bh7+ winning the queen which is why Humpy decided to play the fatal 35..Kf8. After 36.Qh4! the game saw a sudden end. Both mate on d8 is threatened as well as the knight on g3.


Time troubles are difficult to meet at the end of a long, tiring and important event.
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